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John Stillwagon

John Stillwagon is an artist living and working in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. He graduated the Corocoran school of Art in 1995, then moved to Brooklyn, New York pursuing Decorative Painting and Restoration contracts. He currently is building custom homes and working on various restoration projects while maintaining a studio in Martinsburg, West Virginia for furniture making, sculpture and photography. John has exhibited work at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Rock Creek Gallery, and has had collaboration pieces on display in Morgantown.

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About The Art

Some galleries contain nudity, if you are offended by nuditiy or it is illegal for you to view, please go someplace else. All nude models are over the age of 18.

Most Recent Photo Set


The work contained in this gallery is a retrospective of recent works. It offers samples of the variety of current fine art I am working on. Many individual pieces represent a entire series or multiple series represented inside this website. These sets should be helpful to models as well, to understand the type and style of work that I regularly do.

Recent Photos


classical nude You'll get to see this photo set when you become a member!

Automotonaphobia is my project exploring the sock monkey. It explores various themes of my work in a humorous manner. The ultimate goal of this work is to produce a volume base graphic novel with styling take from comics of my generation. The themes are adult in nature.


Classical Figure Work

classical nude

Here you will find classical figurative work from my collection. These galleries are posted for the collector of figurative work as well as the students and artist that utilize this work for derivative works.

I am proud to have collaborated with many fine artists, and to help educate young artists in their studies to become professionals.

Please contact me for details of further image usage.

Classical Figure Photography

Glamour Photography

classical nude

Glamour photography is the lighter side of capturing beauty. I enjoy this work as it is satisfying to both myself and the models to capture their grace and beauty.

Working slowly and with lots of feedback, I have found myself able to create an image that people can cherish for years to come.

Feel free to contact John if you would like to be a part of any of the artworks you see here.




As a ceramicist, I work in figurative influenced art as well. Some early works are highlighted here.




This section is for a record of my travels. Find interesting pictures of China, and a variety of landscapes from across the United States. I frequent national parks, for both location shooting and landscape shooting. Examples of these works can be found in this gallery.

Landscape Photography

Rock & Roll Photography

classical nude

Music is a passion. Working with upcoming and younger artist, you feel that passion first hand. Look to this section for the musical artist I have worked with and links to their promotional works. I am always available for unique flyer, poster, album cover and liner note work. Out of the ordinary is a plus.

Rock & Roll Photography


sculpture Here is where I display the street photography. Armed with a fast camera and some super fast film, I try to capture humans in there natural settings, like in a bar. All of this work is done with available light, and offers a distinction from my studio work. This is also the section where you will see the majority of my film work.

Snapshot photos

Sports and events photography

classical nude

Here you will find examples of events I have photographed. I particularly enjoy shooting motorcycle and car shows, fighting competitions of all types, parades and demonstrations. This work is rewarding as it captures images of the community at large. No models, just ordinary people doing things they enjoy. I am available for all types of event photography.

Sports photos